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c# - How can I split a sprite mesh into two seperate sprite meshs?

So I’m using Unity.

I’ll try and explain. The mesh is:

Sprite sprite = m_SpriteRenderer.sprite;

I am trying to store half of its triangles and vertices in four separate variables:

       //First half
       ushort[] triA = triangles.Take(triangles.Length / 2).ToArray();
       //Second Half
       ushort[] triB = triangles.Skip(triangles.Length / 2).ToArray(); 
       //First half
       Vector2[] spriteA = spriteVertices.Take(spriteVertices.Length / 2).ToArray();
       //Second Half
       Vector2[] spriteB = spriteVertices.Skip(spriteVertices.Length / 2).ToArray();

Then, I instantiate those variables individually:

        GameObject a = Instantiate(gameObject);
        //Stops infinite loop
        a.GetComponent<SplitCircle>().enabled = false;
         * Error of Invalid triangle index array. 
         * Some indices are referencing out of bounds vertices, 
         * IndexCount: 189, VertexCount: 64
        a.GetComponent<SpriteRenderer>().sprite.OverrideGeometry(spriteA, triA);

For simplicity, I'm only focused on the first half of the mesh. My problem is understanding whether or not what I am doing makes sense. Do I even need to store the triangle? I also don’t understand how my triangle is referencing out of bound vertices.

I hope that clears.

Note: I know I can just create smaller game objects out of the sprite and create the illusion of a split but I wanted something more quality for what I'm doing.

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