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Getting all data table on GridJS

How I can access the whole list of data fetched from server?

I want to write a print to PDF plugin for GridJS library. In my case I'm populating my table fetching data from my backend (with pagination option enabled). Accessing data table with pipeline.proccess only returns a thenable with the current table page data. After searching in GridJS documentation and github source code, can't find any way to access the whole list of data.

Documentation also says, before data render, this would be cached on pipeline, but it doesn't expose any function for accessing the whole list. I figured this "hack":

const _pipeline = this.config.pipeline;
const { data } = _pipeline.steps
                 .map(processor => _pipeline.cache.get(processor.id))
                 .filter(element => Object.keys(element).includes('data'))[0]

But maybe there is a more efficient way to achieve this.

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